PERi-PERi goes well with eggs no matter how you make them! Here are our three favorite ways.


  • PERi-PERi sauce
  • Eggs
  • Butter or oil
  • Avocado (with poached egg)
  • Choice of bread (English muffin, toast, french bread)

Cooking Instructions

1 Poached Egg: Boil water with a splash of vinegar. Drop in the egg after turning off the heat. Once done slice up avocado and place on your choice of bread (English muffin is recommended). Top with PERi-PERi sauce and enjoy.
2 Fried Egg: Add oil to skillet and heat up. Break egg in pan and allow to cook for 30 seconds on high and then 1 minute on med-high. Butter toast then place egg on top and flavor it up with PERi-PERi sauce!
3 Scrambled Eggs: Add eggs to a bowl and whisk together. Melt butter in a skillet then add the whisked eggs. Heat until frothy and once cooked through place on top of french bread. Last pick your favorite flavor of PERi-PERi and sauce it up!

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