Pulled  Chicken  PERi-fection

New Season. New Sandwiches.

New sandwiches have landed. Feat. PERi-pulled chicken basted to your spice level and topped with flavorful favourites.

Try our PERi-pulled sandwiches today.

PERi Pulled Medi Fetti

PERi-PERi Pulled Chicken, feta, olives, picked cauliflower, roasted red pepper, and pickled red onions on a Portuguese roll.

Garlic Bread CLT

PERi-PERi Pulled Chicken, cheddar cheese, arugula and tomato served on warm buttery garlic bread.

PERi Apple Arugula

PERi-PERi Pulled Chicken, granny smith apple slices, cheddar cheese, arugula and cilantro yogurt on a Portuguese roll.

PERi Ranch Crunch Wrap

PERi-PERi Pulled Chicken, tomato cucumber & onion salad, feta, crispy chickpeas, PERi pita croutons, in our signature PERi ranch.

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