All  The  Trimmings

You can have it all this winter with our new All the Trimmings Platter and Bowl. Featuring special items like seasonal stuffing and pumpkin pie spiced Natas, it’s a meal (platter and bowl) you don’t wanna miss. Only around for a short while so get it while it’s hot!

This holiday season, have Nando’s over for dinner.

Our All the Trimmings Platter is the perfect sharable meal for up to 8 people. It features 4 orders of garlic bread, 2 whole flame-grilled PERi-PERi chickens, 3 extra large sides of seasonal stuffing, brussels sprouts and another of your choice, as well as a side of tangy chilli Jam and 8 pumpkin pie spiced Natas.

Going it alone? We’ve got you.

All the Trimmings Bowl offers you PERi-PERi chicken tenders basted in your flavour of perfection served on mashed potatoes and seasonal stuffing topped with corn, fried onions, diced arugula and sweet chili jam. Happy Holidays, indeed.

Ways to get

Hurry it is only here for a limited time (May 6-8th)

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