Decisions, decisions. Deciding which role is right for you is probably up there with working out which bite to go for after you’ve just ordered the Wing Roulette. The good thing is, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done in the past (assuming it was legal), there’s almost certainly a role here with your name on it. Here’s a quick overview. Delve deeper for more.


Nandocas Description

While it may be entertaining to watch you try to grill 100 chickens in your first hour, that’s not how we do things. Instead, you’ll start as a Trainee Nandoca and we’ll teach you pretty much everything you need to know about restaurant life. Then it’s about taking on a specific role. There are plenty of them. Don’t expect to stay in the same role forever, as we’re all about learning new skills and developing. Where you go next is up to you.

To join us as a Nandoca, simply pop into the Nando’s you hope to call your home away from home, and speak to the Patrão about any current or upcoming vacancies.

Keeping our guests coming back for more by grilling the PERi-PERi goodness we’re famed for. Think of yourself as a flame-thrower if you like. One who obeys all health and safety laws.

First impressions are lasting impressions at Nando’s. Our hosts greet our guests at the door and show them to the best seats in the house.

Taking the order, exchanging the money and making sure our guests get everything they want. Nando’s-wise that is.

Making sure our PERi-PERi goodness is perfect every time it hits the table, before anyone has even had the time to decide on what came first – the chicken or the egg?

Our Buddies have been there, done it and worn the apron. They know everything there is to know about being a Nandoca, so their role is to pass on all their knowledge and skill to everyone else within the team.

Helping run the shifts, looking after fellow-Nandocas and doing the things that get the best out of everyone. It’s a great step up for any ambitious Nandoca looking to prove themselves.

Assistant Managers

Assistant Managers Description

Assistant Managers are our Patrão’s right hand men and women. They do more than simply offer support and occasionally take the reins. They will be an ambassador of Nando’s culture and values to their Nandocas and guests as well as to the community. They also have a very real prospect of one day picking up the keys to your own Nando’s not too long from now.


Patraos Description

Inspirers and observers. Wingmen and urgers. Ice-breakers, selfie-takers, relationship-makers. Being a manager at Nando’s goes far beyond the profit and loss of your restaurant. That’s important, of course, but your most important role is to create unforgettable experiences for our customers and for your team. We’ll make sure you get all the support and opportunities you need to do just that, plus the freedom to run the restaurant as if it was your very own business.

Central Support

Central Support Description

Forget polished boots and pencil skirts. We’ve never done that typical Head Office thing. In Central Support it’s passion, and hard work we’re interested in. Central Support includes Finance, Food & Commercial, Marketing, Property, People and IT, but don’t expect to be stuck behind a desk. You’ll be out and about, visiting our restaurants and building relationships.

Regional Operations Manager

Regional Operations Manager Description

Regional hub is the name we give to a group of restaurants, and Regional Operations Manager is the name we give to those who oversee them. Taking responsibility for the profit and loss of each, you’ll need to work closely with every Patrão, offering them the support, advice and inspiration they need. We don’t expect you to do it all alone though, you’ll have the support of all the other ROM's and the Central Support team too. The challenge is on, but you’ll get a huge amount out of it too. Not just when you see your teams grow, and your career go places you weren’t quite expecting it to go. If you think you’ve got the experience to deliver success, take a look at our Regional Operations Manager opportunities.