A tasty discovery

“It tantalises the tastebuds and adds passion to a meal!”
Our brave Portuguese forefathers

It’s thanks to our Portuguese forefathers – brave explorers that they were – that Nando’s is around. That’s because, way back in the 15th century, they were introduced to the Bird’s Eye Chilli. Growing under the warm sun in the rich soils of Africa, this was a spice so nice, it had been named twice! Called PERi-PERi, this hot little number put fire in the explorers’ bellies and ignited passion in their souls.

They added it to a handful of herbs, spices, a squeeze of sun-ripened lemons and a dash of garlic. Together with their love of life, friends, fun and good food they created the first Gosto Delicioso (great taste) of addictive PERi-PERi sauce.

Today, our own recipe remains a closely-guarded secret. But what’s no secret is that we love sharing our forefathers’ traditions of hospitality, friendship, simple family pleasures and the addictive taste of PERi-PERi

We can’t pinpoint exactly what makes it so addictive, but we do know it tantalises the tastebuds and adds passion to a meal! We believe (even if we don’t know for sure) that PERi-PERi releases endorphins in your body which create a sense of happiness and increased energy. Some say it gives the tastebuds a really great workout and others reckon it’s an aphrodisiac! But, we’ll leave that for you to find out. Enjoy the discovery!